Delivering Healthy Homes: Tutorial 4 Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation

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Guidance Standard

Active House Specifications 3.0

Active House Specifications 3.0 outlines the specifications for designing an Active House, a building that integrates health and comfort with energy efficiency and environmental performance. The Specifications outline the technical specifications that determine the quality and performance of an Active House.

Author: Active House Alliance

Publication date: 2020



GHA 2019 Policy Workshop

GHA held a policy workshop entitled ‘Tomorrow’s Housing: Are Current Regulations Fit for Purpose?’ on Thursday 24th January 2019 at Winckworth Sherwood, London. The event included three roundtable workshop discussions facilitated by the GHA and a number of expert speakers.

The purpose of the discussions was to:

  • Highlight the shortcomings of the current Building Regulations on; energy, ventilation, overheating, indoor air quality, comfort, and in-use performance.
  • Suggest improvements and changes to regulations/policies in anticipation of forthcoming Government reviews in 2019.
  • Produce a concise set of notes on the three themes that will inform an industry wide position paper that can be adopted by the GHA membership and presented to industry and Government

Author: Good Homes Alliance

Publication date: January 2019


Guidance Report

London Environment Strategy

The Mayor of London is taking a range of actions to improve the environment now, setting London on the path to create a better future.

The state of London’s environment affects everyone who lives in and visits the city – it helps Londoners to stay healthy, makes London a good place to work and keeps the city functioning from day to day.

In many ways London’s environment is improving, but it still faces a host of challenges. Toxic air, noise pollution, threats to our green spaces, and the adverse effects of climate change – they all pose major risks to the health and wellbeing of Londoners.

We need to act now to tackle the most urgent environmental challenges facing our city, as well as safeguard London’s environment over the longer term. We need to ensure that London is greener, cleaner and ready for the future.

This is the first strategy to bring together approaches to every aspect of London’s environment, integrating the following areas:

  • air quality
  • green infrastructure
  • climate change mitigation and energy
  • waste
  • adapting to climate change
  • ambient noise
  • low carbon circular economy

Author: Mayor of London

Publication date: May 2018



Further information:

Case Study Report Research findings

GHA Monitoring Programme

Phase 1

This report provides an overview of the findings, observations and recommendations resulting from Phase 1 of the Good Homes Alliance (GHA) monitoring programme. Phase 1 is based on post-construction testing of a series of new-build residential projects, across a range of construction types.

This project was funded by DCLG, EST and NHBC Foundation.


Phase 2

This document focuses on the key results of the Phase 2 Post-Occupation Evaluation and compares the findings of the in-use performance data from the houses in terms of energy and water consumption and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), the performance of installed building services, and occupant behaviour/ perceptions.

This project was funded by DCLG, EST and NHBC Foundation.


Case studies

The following projects were used as case studies for the research:

Old Apple Store, Stawell




One Brighton



Ventilation and good indoor air quality in low energy homes

This report presents results and recommendations following research into examples of good practice in ventilation and indoor air quality for new homes. The aim is to inform and support the work of teams involved in procuring, designing and building low energy homes, by providing clear information highlighting good practice in ventilation and indoor air quality.

Author: Good Homes Alliance

Publication date: November 2011