GHA Bitesize Webinar Series – COLLABORATE NOW! Finding specific R&D collaboration opportunities to accelerate our way to Net Zero

The second event in our Bitesize Webinar series.

Net Zero and Circular Economy targets are driving innovation for developers and the whole supply chain, with UK and European R&D funding programmes strongly supporting this.

The need to develop net zero solutions that are affordable, repeatable and carbon and cost effective, that can also work within the many constraints of the planning system, means major innovations are needed from the product and technology design level to the whole build-system and development level. If we are to use credible definitions and measures of net zero this era of innovation has a long way to go to drive down operational and embodied carbon, in parallel with achieving the circular economy goal of net zero waste.

Innovate UK, Horizon Europe and LEP grant programmes are providing numerous opportunities to secure significant grant funding for strong partnerships with strong R&D proposals. How can GHA members and wider industrycollaborate to access this support and accelerate net zero R&D that addresses their needs? How can GHA facilitate and support such collaborations? Are there R&D opportunities that GHA can take forward with natural partners like ASBP?

Good Homes Alliance was joined by Steve Charter, Director and co-founder of Heritage Wind Ltd, an R&D focused company that is developing a net zero and energy security solution that can genuinely contribute to place making, to explore specific opportunities for GHA members and wider industry to develop collaborative R&D partnerships to tackle many of the current and future challenges on the path to net zero.