Whats stopping councils from building more houses?

The ‘borrowing caps’ that restricted investment by most councils in building new council housing were lifted a year ago. The government promised that it heralded ‘a new generation of council homes’ in England.
This report assesses the impact of this important change, judges whether Treasury projections are likely to be met and sets out the constraints which councils still face in building the homes that local communities need.

The CIH-NFA-ARCH survey had 22 detailed responses from  authorities ranging from five London boroughs to large cities in the Midlands and North and several medium and small authorities.

Although the numbers responding were limited, the replies throw considerable light both on local authorities’ new-build plans and on the opportunities and constraints they still face.

Author: Chartered Institute of Housing; National Federation of ALMOs; Association of Retained Council Housing

Publication date: January 2020