GHA at Futurebuild 2023

At Futurebuild 2023, GHA and BPN hosted 3 panel discussion seminars.

Tuesday 7th  March, 10:30-11:15, Energy Stage – Net Zero Energy and New Housing Development

From 2025, gas heating will be banned in newly built homes. This much needed move away from fossil fuels will see demand on the electricity grid increase dramatically in the coming years, as we transition to heat pumps, solar PV, batteries and electric vehicle charging. Join us to hear from forward-thinking developers and local authorities who are proactively tackling the issues. Plus hear from solution providers who are providing smart technologies and ‘microgrids’ to help balance energy demand and loads across new housing development.


  • Chair – Mike Roberts, Vice-Chair, Good Homes Alliance 
  • Ian Pritchett, Co-Founder, Growth & Innovation Director, Greencore Construction 
  • Neal Coady, Head of Product, SNRG
  • Debbie Haynes, Carbon Reduction & Sustainability Manager, OX Place
  • Speaker TBC, Glen Dimplex

Wednesday 8th March, 13:30-14:15, Buildings Stage – Minimising and mitigating overheating risk in homes

UK homes are increasingly at risk of overheating, which can lead to uncomfortable indoor environments for homeowners and residents. Overheating can be caused by poor housing design, uncontrolled solar gain, inadequate shading, and insufficient summer ventilation. Contextual factors such as external noise and security concerns can also restrict opportunities for natural ventilation. Hear from industry experts on the assessment tools, best practice design approaches and solutions available to minimise and mitigate overheating risk in homes.


  • Chair – Lynne Sullivan OBE, Chair, Good Homes Alliance
  • Julie Godefroy, Sustainability Consultant, Julie Godefroy Sustainability
  • Susie Diamond, Partner, Inkling
  • Tom Dollard, Partner – Sustainability and Innovation, Pollard Thomas Edwards
  • Rajat Gupta, Director, Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD) and Low Carbon Building Research Group, Oxford Brookes University

Wednesday 8th March, 15:30-16:15, Buildings Stage – Using monitoring to understand net zero homes

By the middle of this century the world has to reduce emissions to as close to zero as possible. This pursuit to Net Zero requires the UK to virtually eliminate emissions from the built environment and with ~28m homes currently contributing 18% of all carbon emissions, the UK has a big challenge ahead.

With challenge comes opportunity. This seminar session, delivered by the Building Performance Network, will demonstrate how taking a systems, not piecemeal, approach to building performance evaluation will help to really understand net zero homes. Using data will truly enable you to set meaningful targets and implement robust strategies for energy efficiency in homes, both old and new.

  • Intro from chair – Kerry Mashford OBE, Interfacing Ltd
  • Data Driven Decarbonisation: get the fundamentals right – Ahsan Khan, Trustmark
  • Using data to understand systems – Hermione Crease,  Purrmetrix
  • Q&A