Financial incentives for enhanced environmental performance in the housing sector

In this time of climate crisis, the construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping a greener future. This webinar shed light on the financial incentives already in place, and what more can be done, to encourage the construction and purchase of more environmentally friendly homes, providing valuable insights for funders, developers, landowners, operators, residents and policymakers alike. We explored the intersection of sustainable construction practices and financial benefits, showcasing how the housing industry can contribute to a more environmentally conscious and economically sound future.

Well also launched a new paper as part of our Build Net Zero NOW Campaign, titled “The Green Shift – The existing financial incentives for higher environmental performance of new homes”, authored by Rafe Bertram. The document is an exploration to see if a ‘tipping point’ has been reached, one where existing financial incentives provide high levels of environmental sustainability in a way that are financially advantageous for all stakeholders, and if this route is now the most financially viable option.


  • 13:00    Welcome – Lynne Sullivan, Chair, Good Homes Alliance
  • 13:05    Launch of “The Green Shift – The existing financial incentives for higher environmental performance of new homes”  Rafe Bertram
  • 13:25    Manifesto: “10 Steps to Accelerate Net Zero Housing Development” – Richard Broad, Projects & Communications Manager, Good Homes Alliance
  • 13:35    Green Mortgage Financial Incentives – Daniel Capstick, Product Manager – Mortgages, Ecology Building Society
  • 13:50    Atelier Carbonlite Challenge – Reece Lake, Head Of Business Operations, Atelier Finance
  • 14:05    Panel discussion and Q&A
  • 14:25    Closing comments
  • 14:30    Close

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The Green Shift – Rafe Bertram