RIBA Sustainable Outcomes Guide

This guide defines a concise measurable set of eight sustainable outcomes that correspond to key UN Sustainable Development Goals and can be delivered on building projects of all scales.

The guide explains each sustainable outcome and their key metrics, and provides design principles to achieve the outcome and describes approaches that can be used to verify performance using post occupancy evaluation and certification. The guide supports architects in taking the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge.

The RIBA sustainable outcomes are:

  • Net zero operational carbon
  • Net zero embodied carbon
  • Sustainable water cycle
  • Sustainable connectivity and transport
  • Sustainable land use and bio-diversity
  • Good health and wellbeing
  • Sustainable communities and social value
  • Sustainable life cycle cost

An outcomes-based design approach will help resolve the now well-known gaps between design intent and in-use performance across a range of metrics by reinforcing the feedback loop between briefing and outcomes, leading to a more sustainable built environment.

Author: RIBA

Publication date: December 2019



National Design Guide

The national design guide sets out the characteristics of well-designed places and demonstrates what good design means in practice.

It forms part of the government’s collection of planning practice guidance and should be read alongside the separate planning practice guidance on design process and tools.

Author: Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

Publication date: October 2019