Rental Housing for an Ageing Population (HAPPI 5)

Over recent years the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Housing and Care for Older People has looked at the housing needs and opportunities for older people, producing a series of Inquiry reports on Housing for an Ageing Population, known as HAPPI.

Because the great majority of those over pension age are owner-occupiers (including leaseholders), previous reports have concentrated on the people in this tenure. Homeowners have the advantage of some equity in their property – a lot in some areas, not much in other places – and this can be used to pay for a “rightsizing” move or for making their current home more comfortable. But what about those older people who are tenants, renting in either the social or private rented sector (PRS)?

Author: Housing our Ageing Population Panel for Innovation

Publication date: July 2019